Monday, May 20, 2024

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Survey Logic

Survey Logic


How many quizzes and surveys have you taken in the past few weeks?Five? Ten? More?

From “What’s your personality type” to “Which business should you start,” surveys and quizzes are seemingly everywhere these days–and with good reason. People love them.

Far more interactive than an article or video, the best surveys and quizzes provide a personalized answer based on the responses provided. No more vague solution in a paragraph of text, with interactive surveys you can get detailed advice tailored just for you.

Website owners love them, too. Not only do they have the ability to bring in more traffic, but they also make a fantastic sales tool. Coaches can provide customized product recommendations based on where a user is in their journey. Service providers can offer just the right program based on the potential client’s choices. Even bloggers can benefit by showcasing just the content visitors are looking for–simply ask them a series of questions, and viola!

A fully customized “Start Here” page just for them.

Truthfully, the power of this type of system is limitless, but if you’ve ever tried to set one up, then you know…


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