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- What is is a Membership Site offers resell rights products (ebooks,audios,videos,software,
templates and graphics) in digital format.

Our aim is to provide best quality ebooks and products !

--All products are available for IMMEDIATE download upon Subscription.
You don't have to wait for shipping it to you.--

Products added very frequently

-What levels of Membership do you offer? currently offers a FREE Membership.

- How to Download Ebooks ?

Be sure that you save each ebook to your computer. We recommend opening a folder on your
desktop and saving all the ebooks on your desktop until they are put on
your site or in your store.

All products are zipped up in a zip file for faster downloading.

Once you get the products downloaded to your desktop or wherever,
be sure and unzip it and check them over.

- What Can I do with those products ?

Each product come with different license attached to them, once you downloa-
ded a product,please check the term of condition within the product to see what
you can and cannot do with the product.

- Can I sell the products that I downloaded here for FREE ?

Yes, you can.  You have to follow strictly the license attached to each product, though.

- Is there any Warranty about the quality of the products ?

All products are provided with a warranty of best quality,
if you will encounter any problem that has to do with the quality of the downloaded
product (damaged file), Please contact us and will take care of it !

- What does Master Resell Rights mean ?

Master Resell Rights means that once you buy a product with master resell (or resale) rights ,you
have the right to sell the product and keep all the profit PLUS you give the right to the buyer to also sell the  

- Do you share my personal information ?

Your Privacy is secured with us. We will never going to share any of your personal information to any third party.

-What does Private Label Rights mean ?

 Private Label Rights means that you can change the product in any way that you want, change text, change the source code, even add your name as the author/creator in many cases. A lot of people use the Private Label Rights Content (or PLR) to create 
their own  product with the files source included, even add their own affiliate links.
 Please read the license carefully before you alter any part of the product.

- What does Basic Resale Rights mean ? 

This simply means that once you purchase a product you can use it for yourself and even sell the product, but your customer receives no rights.

- What does Giveaway Rights mean ? 

This  means that you have the right to giveaway the product for free.This  is a  great way to go the ebook or product viral and promote any services or links included in it. As a seller you can added as a "free bonus" to your salespage and make it more

-I have another question ?

If you need to know anything else please use the contact page.

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