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Viralized File Brander

Viralized File Brander

Create Chaos and Hunger Where You Will Be The Underlining Constant! Some 'Innocent' Ideas You Can Put Into Action IMMEDIATELY:

*Broadcast a PDF report to your subscriber base branded using Viralized File Brander, and then encourage them to distribute the article or report freely to their friends.
*Let your new subscribers download your freebie and by using the viralized file brander, entice them by providing them an incentive to refer more subscribers and download more free items. Your list of course will grow exponentially. ;)
*Record an mp3 Podcast of yourself reading an article or a jingle or just some motivational quotes, brand it and allow free downloads across the most popular social networks such as YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, Multiply, etc...etc
*Participate in free giveaway events, by branding a resellable product (remember to check TOS of respective products)...and you know the rest.


[YES] Can use on your own domains
[YES] Can sell USER licenses
[NO] Can sell resale rights
[NO] Can sell master resale rights
[NO] Can be given away

Additional Details

[NO] Include sales page
[NO] Can include inside a paid membership with a USER license
[NO] Can be packaged

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