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Hosting Panel Secrets

Hosting Panel Secrets

The majority of your websites are controlled via a web hosting panel called cPanel. Perhaps you use parts of it or maybe you don’t.

The point is that this panel can help your operations and protect your website more efficiently, but oftentimes it goes unnoticed. It becomes underutilized, or not even used.

So, the question is, "How you can you use cPanel's bigger features to take your website to the next level?”
How do you protect your content without needing another fancy script?
How do you protect your email?
How do you install WordPress and other software apps with a few clicks of your mouse?
How do you create a MySQL database or copy it to another site?
How do you use Awstats to improve your traffic quality and website?
How do you redirect your error pages to any page of your site so you don't lose out on traffic?
How do you access file manager?
How do you backup and restore your website?

If you’re interested in knowing the answers to any of these questions, then...


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