Monday, May 20, 2024

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List Building With Stories

List Building With Stories

Are you tired of NOT making any money with your mailing list?

Are you sick of low squeeze page sign ups?

Do most of your email remain unopened?

Would you like to get more clicks on you emails' links?

Have you tried to fix your list's performance problems but nothing seems to work?

If you answered YES to any of the above, you need to discover the power of EFFECTIVE STORYTELLING to turbocharge your list marketing results.

Use The Power Of Effective StoryTelling

You might be asking: Storytelling? What do stories have to do with making money online? The short answer: EVERYTHING.

Human beings make sense of the world through stories. Every message that tries to CONVINCE them of anything must fit with the existing personal narrative they use to make sense of the world.

If your squeeze pages are not getting enough subscribers, your updates aren't being opened enough, or your email links aren't getting enough clicks, it is because YOU ARE NOT ENGAGING YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE MEMBERS ENOUGH

LACK OF ENGAGEMENT KILLS your list marketing campaign! You have to engage your prospects and list members or you WILL NOT MAKE ANY MONEY ONLINE.

The most effective way to engage your prospects or existing list members is to TELL STORIES.


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