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Xyber Email Assistant

Xyber Email Assistant

There's one major stumbling block holding back the growth of your business. It prevents you from staying on top of your business and those important to it from taking action.

Customers hold off on buying your products. Partners wait on sending out endorsements to their customers. And those you outsource work to don't get the answer they need fast enough.

The result is many of the steps needed to grow your business never get done... when they so easily could.

So, what is this barrier to your success? It's simply having too much email pouring-in that sucks-up valuable time that could be spent on getting more sales!

However, when you remove this stumbling block, then something amazing happens.

An Avalanche of New Sales and Opportunities Pours In!

All of those important to your business get the answers they want and when they need it.

It's easy with a new email management software called, "Xyber Email Assistant." This tool allows you to quickly create a database on your PC of frequently asked questions and answers to streamline handling customer support emails.

The program includes two separate areas. The pane on the left is for creating and organizing topics (includes a menu for creating both topics and questions). The pane on the right is for organizing answers to the questions.

All this means is that instead of having to type up new answers or look up data for every email that comes in, everything is already waiting for you in a central location so you can instantly respond!


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