Saturday, June 10, 2023

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TurboZon Builder

TurboZon Builder

Well, you probably know this, but let’s cover it anyway for anyone interested in this tried and tested online path to making money:

1. Firstly, as a huge global leader, Amazon have many, many products people want. You can promote their ready-made products in the niche of your choosing, and make a profit from doing so. This is “making money while you sleep”. It’s professional, it’s easy, it’s globally recognized and safe… and it is why the affiliate market is so huge right now. It’s smart selling to become an Amazon affiliate in this way.

2. Affiliates set up their pages with commission-rich links to products on them. (Should be easier than what is available, but we’ll solve that in a second!)

3. Affiliates then send traffic to those pages, and they get a commission if a visitor buys a product via Amazon.


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