Friday, June 14, 2024

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I don’t think you and I need to talk much about social media.

It is 2015, you know as well as I do, just how important social media is for business. I am not going
to insult your intelligence with a bunch of flashy words about it. I don’t have to sell social media
to you.

All I have to do is show you numbers. The cold hard facts:

- Nearly 2.1 Billion people have a social media account

- 1.7 Billion of those people are currently active

- 3.65 Billion people have access to social media through smartphones

- 47% of all people are on Facebook

- Twitter has over 284 Million active users

- 53% of people aged 18-29 have an Instagram account

I could keep going…but why bother? I think we can agree…


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