Friday, June 14, 2024

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Paid Traffic

Paid Traffic

If you have landed on this page – you probably have a website.

You spent the time to build it. Or you paid someone else a lot of money to do it. You have worked 

hard making sure it is packed with great content. You regularly update it. You know the site runs
fast. The navigation is on point.

You have relevant offers that should be converting. You have done everything right!

There is just one problem…

You spent all of this time building the perfect website, and your traffic is terrible. It’s frustrating!

I guess you could spend some time doing the whole search engine optimization thing. You could spend 

days upon days building backlinks to your site. You can optimize every single keyword, heading,
link, etc…

Here is the problem; that takes a LOT of time. It takes a lot of effort.

And …your results aren’t guaranteed.

The organic search scene is so competitive that it might be nearly impossible to get to the front 

page of Google for popular terms.

You could try finding long tail keywords that get a few searches per month. Find a couple hundred 

of those, work at ranking for each of them and you might see a payoff… in years.


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