Thursday, December 03, 2020

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5 Steps to Profit

5 Steps to Profit

The last time I did a wso was February 2012. I had partnered with Derrick Van Dyke to offer “WP Optins”, the Viral List Building Plugin for WordPress.

It all started when I needed an easy way to create amazing squeeze pages and back then, nothing filled the bill. So as soon as I had come up with the idea for a squeeze page maker, as a WP plugin, Derrick was on the spot. He was eager to create the software for me.

Why was Derrick Eager?

 He had been making all my squeeze pages and of course, he was happy to have a way out. At last, I could make my own squeeze pages and Derrick didn’t have to stop what he was doing and make them for me any longer. It was awesome!


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