Friday, June 14, 2024

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EZ ebook Templates Package 8

"Grab The All New EZ Ebook Templates Package #8 With 3 Brand New Designs In A Full Array Of Beautiful Colors!"
EZ ebook Templates Package 8
EZ ebook Templates Package 8
Description Okay, here's the "buzz"....

There's been some feedback about the EZ Ebook Templates Packages lately from them storming across the marketplace like a wild beast.

People are loving them.

In fact, they've been coined "the next trend" by some. And we couldn't be more thrilled about it!

But, and you knew that was coming didn't you, there's been a tiny little back-lash regarding the designs.

There's just something about adding waaaaaay too much color that makes the designs, well, less desirable to a few folks.

So, we came up with the perfect solution....

Creating a package that includes the best of both worlds....Stunning color templates and 'perfect for white paper' designs.

And, we came up with 3 brand new styles.

All different.



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