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Split-Test Profits Automation System

Split-Test Profits Automation System

Want more sales?

"Finally!..A Simple Way For You To Eliminate All Guess Work And Easily Increase Your Web Site Profits By Up To 243%!..So Easy, A Child Could Do it!"

- Amazing New Software Makes It A Point-And-Click Process!
Testing different ideas on your sales letter is the only surefire way that you can increase sales.
- If You Aren't Testing Your Sales Letter,Then You're Losing Money!
The simple fact is, testing will work for anybody selling something online.
As long as you have a sales letter, you can test different aspects of it and instantly generate higher conversions.
Higher conversions equal more sales, which means more money in your pocket.

The Split-Test Profits Automation System is a new software program specifically designed to increase your web site's conversion ratios with incredible ease.
This system will let you completely automate the entire split-testing process, giving you full statistics to that you know without a doubt what is making you money and what isn't.

With The Split-Test Profits Automation System, You Can:

* Split test between 5 different sales pages
* View full statistics of your sales pages.
* See conversion ratios of your sales pages.
* Automatically see which sales page is producing the most sales for you.
* View past months statistics
* Create multiple split testing accounts to test more than one sales page/product at a time.
* It doubles as a stat tracker to tell you where your traffic is coming from.
* And much more..


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