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Healthy Diabetes Recipes

Healthy Diabetes Recipes

Eating right, controlling weight, and getting regular exercise will help manage diabetes successfully. The following guidelines are important for diabetes control. Snacks can be good for you! Snacks can help supply your body with nutrients that aren’t in other meals and may help control blood glucose levels.

Be careful that snacks are part of your overall eating plan and aren’t extra “empty calorie” foods. Well-planned, nutritious snacks can prevent you from being so hungry that you eat too many empty-calorie foods.

Young children may not be able to eat all the food they need at mealtime. Children’s calorie needs may be as high as some adults'; however, they have smaller stomachs. Snacks should be offered according to their meal plan, which is usually 1½ or 2 hours before meals and should be given at the same time each day.

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