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WP Blog Roll Link Exchange Plugin

WP Blog Roll Link Exchange Plugin

Automatically Exchange Links With Your Visitors and Build quality backlinks the easy and passive way. Source Code + PLR Rights Included!

You can rebrand and edit/change anything you want to this plugin, and resell it any way you want. NO RESTRICTIONS!

You have unlimited rights to do WHATEVER you want with this plugin! Why are you not exchanging links with your website visitors?

Your visitors may be your biggest fans... and they may have one or more relevant websites in your niche. Why not give yourself an easy opportunity for building backlinks with your fans' websites.

Here's how link exchanges work:

- Your visitor sees your website and notices a link exchange opportunity.
- The visitor submits a link exchange request form.
- You see their link request, you can approve or deny the link exchange request.
- You accept, and now you have new quality backlinks.
- It's really that easy!

You don't have to go around hunting for backlinks. Now you can organically build backlinks with your visitors!

This product comes with the following modules:



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