Monday, August 02, 2021

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Affiliate List Pro

Affiliate List Pro

You should have seen a popup newsletter form slide in over the top of the website you selected. If it didn’t work, please try a different website – many popular websites (including search engines and social media sites) have code to block this technology – but most ordinary websites allow it.

If you’re thinking that I hacked the site in some way or did something underhand to add my form to the site, I can assure you that I didn’t.

This really is your chosen website exactly as normal, but with a special (unblock-able) popup newsletter signup form over the top.

Now consider the benefits of using this same solution to put YOUR signup form over the top of all the sites you promote through affiliate links.

Instead of the owner of the site collecting email addresses from your referrals, you can collect them yourself.

You can pop your subscription offer right over the top of anyone else’s sales page.

With this superb solution, you can now promote affiliate programs and build your own list at the same time.

This has to be the ultimate profit solution for everyone who promotes affiliate programs.


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