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First E-commerce Site

Creating your first e-Commerce Site has all the strategies that you will ever need for setting up an internet presence that will position your business as a serious player both locally and globally.
First E-commerce Site
First E-commerce Site

In Creating Your First eCommerce Site, I let you know exactly what you need to do in order to -

* Get your business running seamlessly and smooth twenty four hours a day seven days a week with no hassles
* automate your business and keep this in mind at the very first steps of conceptualizing what exactly it is you are going to sell
* strategize just how goods are going to go in and out of your business
* deal with the common frustrations that we all experience when we try putting together a site like this
* decide whether using a web template is a good idea for you when designing a website or whether or not you should hire a professional designer to help you out
* find the best HTML editor on the web
* decide who is going to deal with any orders that may come into your business, and what to do if you get a flood of orders
* outsource certain skills and chores so that you never have to worry that your site is not babysat
* keep an outsourcer or freelancer who is working for you happy, so they give you the best service possible
* figure out exactly who your audience is and how you will market to these individuals
* determine if you even want to globalize or if you want to keep your internet business local - in some situations it is definitely wiser to do the latter!
* find the right payment solutions for your customers
* find out all about Paypal and 2CO and how they offer incredible convenience in terms of payment to your customers
* integrate a shopping cart into your customer's experience
* find the one thing that will turn your customers off from ever returning to your site to buy anything from you ever again!
* configure those shipping charges and make sure they don't nudge their way into your profits
* convince your customers to pay for shipping costs
* choose a domain name that makes sense and also contains phrases that your customers might be looking for ...
* register a domain name!
* learn all about keywords and how you can employ them to make your website infinitely more searchable on the Google search engine, and save yourself thousands in advertising costs as a result
* find the company, that offers the very best in web hosting!
* physically design a site that will grab your visitor's attention
* find the key to keeping everything on your new site as simple and user friendly as possible
* find the one thing that your homepage needs to make it an irresistible read to your customers
* create a great online catalogue of your products
* find what has proved itself to be the very best online shopping cart plug in on the internet and ALSO what I consider to be the second best software as well
* handle a 24 hour hotline for your customers and acquire one easily and cheaply for your site
* prevent your site from loading so slowly that nobody will want to visit it
* establish why it is a bad idea to inflate the delivery charges
* decide why you need a good customer service policy and why it needs to be in place 24/7
* avoid the trap of the 24 hour chatline
* install your own WordPress blog on your site, and keep your customers interested in it
* add ezine articles from other sources to make your site a more interesting and informative place for your customers to visit
* decorate your site with informative videos you can find for free on YouTube!
* find the names of the very best five sites online that can act as marketing resources for you so the general public finds what you have to sell impossible to ignore!


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