Monday, March 01, 2021

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40 Cures For Hangovers

40 Cures For Hangovers

This Brand New 61-page info product reveals why we get hangovers, the symptoms, the direct effects of alcohol, plus 40 different ways to remedy a cranium crushing hangover, (there are actually slightly more than 40)


1. Introduction
2. What is a Hangover?
3. The Symptoms of a Hangover
4. The Causes of a Hangover
5. The Direct Effects of Alcohol
6. X-Factors
7. How to Cure a Hangover
8. Mary, Bloody Mary
9. Get Down & Get With It
10. Water or Sports Drinks
11. Painkillers
12. How'd You Like Your Eggs, Fried or Boiled?
13. Banana Milkshake & Honey
14. Get Your Bouillon On
15. Fruity Fruit & Fruit Juice
16. Honey, I've Drunk the Fridge!
17. A Toast to your Recovery
18. Vitamin C
19. Go Sleep It Off
20. A Hearty Grill
21. Drink MORE Ale
22. Vitamin B
23. Don't Make a Pact with the Devil, just yet!
24. Peppermint
25. Pickle Juice Anyone?
26. Oysters
27. Cookies & Soda
28. Coconut Water
29. Eat Something Before You Go Out!
30. Rooibos Tea
31. Chocolate Milk
32. Bifidus Powder
33. A Stitch in Thyme
34. More Wacky Cures from Around the World
35. Hangover Myths
36. To Summarize


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