Wednesday, August 04, 2021

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Dirty Marketing

Dirty Marketing

Dirty Marketing with MP3 Audio!

Not only am I going to spill the beans, I am going to guarantee you'll succeed if you do exactly what I say in this book. There is no filler or fluff in this publication. You'll simply learn what you need to know and I'll let the "guru's" spoon feed someone else.

Here is what you will learn inside this guide....

Why not listing your products price is a major step in the right direction
How you can make anyone buy anything with a tried and true trick
The real way to turn a visitor into a customer in three simple steps
When trash talking is the right thing to do and being polite won't work
A dirty but legal way to get other people to sell your stuff for you
How a simple count down will have you counting zero's in your bank account
The coveted "WIIFM" tactic that you too can use just like the big guys
Creating a controversy at the drop of a hat with 100% guaranteed success
Minor factors that will have a major impact on your marketing profits
How to shock your customers into buying whatever it is you're selling

And a lot more!


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