Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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Affiliate Marketing Video

Affiliate Marketing Video

When Google pays $1.6 billion for a website started over a pizza parlor, that hardly anyone had heard of twelve months before (YouTube), you know video is the word!

And, when Adobe buys Macromedia (the makers of Flash software) and starts making free Flash players available to everyone -- just as they did with their Adobe PDF Reader -- and buys the makers of Serious Magic (a high end amazing video editing software) you know video has very definitely arrived and is here to stay!

People are hungry for video, because they've been brought up with TV and movies, rather than books and reading. So, it's more natural for many people to view videos, rather than read a website. Also there are many people, all round the world who can understand spoken English, but not written English. But they do have credit cards!


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