Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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Adsense Alive

Adsense Alive

Adsense ads let you partner with the world's biggest search engine to make money online, and..."Now You Can Turn Any WordPress BlogInto An Adsense Enabled Earning MachineIn Under Two Minutes Using The ThemesIn This Adsense Alive Theme Pack!"

How Easy Is It To Install These Adsense Alive WordPress Themes?
Just take a couple of minutes and watch the video showing how to install your Adsense Alive WordPress Themes

- it really is easy enough for any newbie to do! Once you install your wordpress blog, there's only 3 steps...

1. Upload your Adsense Alive Wordpress Theme to your blog's '/wp-content/themes/' folder...
2. In your WordPress dashboard, under 'Appearance', click Themes and activate your Adsense Alive Theme...
3. Click 'Editor', choose 'Adsense.php' and enter your own Google Adsense account number - That's it, You're Done!!! 

Upload -> Activate -> Enter... That really is all that's standing between you and getting your blog ready for making money online using Google Adsense ads. And no matter what your niche or topic is, one of these great Adsense Alive Themes is bound to suit it perfectly...

Here Are some of the 30 WordPress Blog Themes Included In Your Adsense Alive Theme Pack Download:
All 30 WordPress Blog Themes Are Included In Your Adsense Alive Theme Pack Download!

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No matter how well designed the Adsense Alive Themes are, no matter how little you're investing to download them today, they won't do you much good if you don't USE them... So we're throwing in TWO BONUS VIDEOS with your download today to make sure you get the best use from them!

* Bonus How-To Video - How To Install WordPress Blogs
Bonus Video One...How To Install WordPress Blogs
Complete step-by-step how-to video that teaches you how to install a WordPress blog securely on any host that offers cPanel hosting (most hosts do).
Duration: 12 Minutes, 31 Seconds

* Bonus How-To Video - How To Install Adsense Alive Blog Themes

Bonus Video Two...How To Install Your Adsense Alive Blog Themes

This video is the same step-by-step how-to tutorial you saw on the page above, but at a much larger resolution to make everything much easier to see more clearly. Plus, by having your own copy, you can start and stop the video and do each step as you follow along!
Duration: 3 Minutes, 19 Seconds


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