Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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Buy Me A Word
  • Just imagine if your link directory was full of the "Top 100 Golf Equipment Links," or the "Top 100 Adwords Resources." You'll easily generate repeat traffic and backlinks! Warning: make sure to get in early before someone else captures your niche!
  • Link To Your Adsense Sites ” Take advantage of a page full of links to send visitors to all your Adsense sites (and sell any keywords you don't use)! An easy way to gain more clicks!
  • Subscriber/Member/Customer Bonus ” Build community and thank your subscribers, members or customers by offering free keywords linked to their sites from your "Buy Me A Word" site.
  • Start Pages” Grow your own Internet Empire by creating "start pages" filled with interesting links. Then build traffic exponentially by requesting visitors change their home page to your "start page."
  • Affiliate Link Farm ” Load a page full of keywords with your affiliate links! This is an easy way to have a page full of recommendations for your list, to put in your signature file or send traffic to.


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