Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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Guys Guide To Delivery Room

Guys Guide To Delivery Room

"Worried About Missing The Birth Of Your ChildBecause Your Nervous About The DeliveryRoom? Now You Can Witness The Miracleof Your Son or Daughter Being Born!"

Don't Let That Fear Keep You From ExperiencingA Literally Life-Changing Event. Be Prepared WithInformation To Take Away The Mystery of ChildbirthAway So You Can Witness This Miracle For Your Self!

Learn how to:

Help her focus on her breathing to take her mind off the pain she'll be feeling
Understand what's happening to her at the different stages of labor
What all those machines in the room do and how they work
Use a tennis ball to take away some of the pain
Be completely supportive and reassuring when she starts to doubt she can make it through
Master breathing techniques that will help BOTH of you
All of your apprehension will fade away once you start reading our book. You are going to be a big part of this baby's life, you deserve to be a big part of his or her birth.
You can couple the information we provide to you in this book with what you will probably learn in childbirth preparation classes. You see, the truth is that once the big moment arrives, even the most cool and collected guys can forget what they learned in class.


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